Welcome to Experiments From The Bar


About the blog:

This blog was created as a place for me to share some of the drink recipes I’ve created, and to try and help people like me that want to start keeping their own home bar and playing around with making drinks.  I wanted a place to share original recipes as well as recipes of classic cocktails, staples of the drinking world, as well as recommendations for basic bar tools, glassware, spirits, and some easy how to’s, and the occasional bit of cocktail history.  I stopped post for a while, but have recently linked this up with my Instagram account where I’ve been posting since 2018.  One day I may go back and comb through past posts there (and maybe even older ones I put up on my personal Facebook page) and add them here, but for now if you’re reading this you’ll just have to go to the above link and scroll back through time.


About the author:

I am not a professional bartender, just an avid hobbyist that likes a nice drink or two and loves experimenting and making drinks for my friends.  I live in the Atlanta area with my lovely wife and our two dingoes.  I am a huge geek, and I’ve recently taken to crafting drinks based on characters from various LARPs that I play.

I’ve been making drinks, informally for the last 20 years, starting off back in my college days when I found myself stuck behind the bar at parties making ridiculous candy-tasting college coolers.  Since then, my palate has improved, I’m happy to say.  I found a love for classic cocktails from the Prohibition era and mid-century cocktail resurgence, and got into the modern craft cocktail and tiki scenes.



Other places to find me on the web

A wish list of random bar gear and PayPal links if you want to try and buy my friendship

Horror In Clay – maker of beautiful horror-themed tiki mugs, barware, and what have you.

Shima Ceramics – gorgeous handmade ceramics and some of the coolest small batch tiki mugs I’ve seen

The Black Lagoon Room – fantastic tiki mugs, glassware, pins, and apparel

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